We had the pleasure of participating in a networking trip organised by the Inari Business and Development Service in Kirkenes over the weekend. The aim was to develop and increase cooperation between entrepreneurs in Kirkenes and Inari, especially between women entrepreneurs. We met with women entrepreneurs in Kirkenes and made business visits. In addition, the weekend was also Kirkkoniemi Days, so we were able to shop in the discounters and stalls and enjoy the programme in the evening.

Thank you to the organisers and participants – it was a very successful trip!

Inspired by this, I translated our website into English and Norwegian. Sorry for the translation errors – Norwegian is pretty much entirely up to the translator. I am happy to receive suggestions for corrections!

Hopefully the cooperation with Norway will develop and of course it would be nice to get more customers from that direction as well. One sticker order already came in. We can certainly offer products to Norway at a competitive price, and the journey is not that long for installation work after all. You should definitely ask us for a quote for Norway!

The next trip there is already being planned!