Soon it will be here again – Black Friday, for us of course Black and Yellow Friday!

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year Black Friday falls on Friday 25.11. Black Friday has traditionally opened the Christmas market in the United States with heavy sales. It has certainly not escaped anyone’s notice that this festive season has hit the Finnish Chamber of Commerce hard and fast. Black Friday, the biggest sales day of the year, is undoubtedly also the most promotional day of the year, even the week. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most important days of the year for online sales, so you should start planning well in advance – preferably by September. The first advertising campaigns should be scheduled to start in late September or early October, even if the biggest sales are made in November.

Black Friday marketing is a sales campaign, where the ability to communicate the product and price as clearly as possible is essential. Black Friday is no longer just a day, but a whole week of increasing demand for the ‘h’ moment. The strong tactical nature and the multi-day nature of marketing emphasises the need to stand out from the crowd, both in terms of message, creative execution and advertising solution. For those brands for whom a tactical sales campaign doesn’t work for one reason or another, Black Friday is an opportunity to do value-based marketing that grabs attention.

We are involved in the marketing and will supply all the promotional products you need on request – let’s make a spectacular campaign together!