It’s been an unusually warm November, so we got to tape windows at four different locations over the weekend. And it’s still looking warm for next weekend, so there’s still some taping time left – but be quick and get in touch as soon as possible if you’re taping outdoors!

The Northern Lights season has also begun, and you can admire these celestial lights outdoors. The Space Weather Centre shows you the probability of aurora borealis occurrence by location. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis in Latin) have fascinated people throughout the ages. The northern peoples have regarded the Northern Lights as mysterious phenomena of light, with all sorts of strange explanations over the ages. Today, the Northern Lights are attracting more and more foreign and also domestic tourists to Lapland and other parts of northern Finland, who want to see the magnificent light phenomena of the night sky with their own eyes.

At Grafinar, you can get great-looking stickers with a Northern Lights motif for windows, car sides or even on the wall as wallpaper, posters or paintings. Capture your own image or ask us for ready-made options!

Ask for a quote and ienjoy the Northern Lights all year round!

Space Weather Centre