We sat down on the sofa in the evening to watch TV. Put on a new series and pop the poppers on the table. Right from the opening landscapes you get a homely feeling – that could have been shot here, it looks just like it does here. And so it was! Familiar landscapes and road bends. That’s the distance I drive every day!

And there’s plenty of scenery here, apart from the tourists and the Northern Lights. And filmmakers have also found the Inari setting. Constellation is at the cutting edge of production and the biggest AV production ever filmed in Finland in terms of total budget. The series on Apple TV features the Arctic conditions in Inari. Other productions shot in Lapland in 2024 include Ohjus, Critical Point, The Star of the North, 8 Seasons, The Great Adventure, Van Life – Arctic Roadtrip, Je’vida and Poromafia. Of these, Je’vida is certainly one of the best domestic films of the year, in addition to being the first feature-length drama film in Coltish. Recommended viewing!

As an Inari viewer, it is an added pleasure to admire familiar places and actors on the big screen. As a company from Inari, it has of course been great to be part of the productions filmed here. Grafinari has gotten involved in the film world as a set and props designer; taping windows, planes and sleds, making signs, printing textbook covers, posters and ID cards, among other things. An order may have come in late at night and the need may have arisen the next day. Everything has been arranged according to the customer’s wishes, locally in Inari.

The municipality of Inari does a good job of marketing the region for film, advertising and television productions. The municipality of Inari and the Lapland North Destinations tourism organisation support and help film production companies in Inari, for example by finding filming locations and services that meet the needs of production companies together with local companies. The Lapland Film Commission’s Film Friendly partner network consists of Lapland-based companies and professionals who provide expert and multidisciplinary services to production teams. A great setting is not enough – services must also work, despite the remoteness. In Inari you can have it all – there is beautiful wilderness, but services are still close and functional. We hope to continue to enjoy the scenery of Inari on our screens.